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Our Traditional German Franks
(A Combo of  Beef/Pork/Veal) 

Pick a Topping and Enjoy yourself !

NAKED  - Nothing at all -- a dog just flying solo in a bun

DRESSED - Homemade ground beef sauce (Like Chili) , raw onions and our spicy brown mustard

DRUNK - Sauerkraut cooked in local brewed beer over top our
spicy mustard

DRUNK HORSE - Sauerkraut cooked in local brewed beer and our "KILLER" horsey mustard

CHEESE - Globs and Globs of Wisconsin Cheddar cheese

CARDIAC - Freshly cooked real bacon & globs and globs 
of cheddar cheese

HORSEY - A "Not for the Weak" blend of fresh  horseradish and mustard KILLER DOG

SLOPPY SHAWN - Ketchup, Our spicy mustard and freshly sliced sauteed Onions

CHICAGO - Spicy  mustard, raw onions, pickles, hot  peppers  topped with  tomatoes  Celery Salt 

SOPRANO - Baby Spinach sauteed with garlic and white wine  & gently topped with x-tra sharp provolone cheese( An  Italian dream come true)

ITALIAN - A special blend of sliced onions , green peppers, potatoes and garlic, sauteed in white wine  until perfect and topped off with x-tra sharp provolone cheese

DRESSED HORSE - Our spicy ground beef sauce (Chili)  ,raw onions and our Horsey mustard 

HORSEY IN CHICAGO - Horsey Mustard, Raw Onions, Pickles , Hot peppers & Tomatoes, Celery Salt  ( The Everything Cold Dog) 

J-BELL - freshly cooked bacon, sauteed onions and our smokey
BBQ sauce

SACRILEGIOUS - A classic combo of our spicy ground beef sauce (Chili) , raw onions, spicy mustard all hidden underneath a bed of our beer cooked kraut -  Named after a local bartender

CHEESY DRUNK - Start with our spicy mustard  with globs of Wisconsin Cheese. then a bed of our sauerkraut cooked in local beer -- ( A Kraut Lovers Dream Come True) 

DRUNK SLOPPY SHAWN - Our mustard, ketchup,  sauteed onions & Sauerkraut cooked in beer

TEXAS CHEESE - Our spicy ground beef sauce (Chili) , raw onions, spicy mustard &  Globs  of cheddar cheese ( The Chili cheese Dog to die for) 

SACRILEGIOUS HORSE - KILLER Horsey Mustard, Onions, Ground Beef Sauce ( Chili) and Beer soaked Kraut 

CHEESY DRUNK HORSE - KILLER Horsey Mustard, Beer soaked Kraut and Globs of Cheese  

DRUNK SMOKIN' HORSE - Who could  imagine such a thing but we did, Just layer this :KILLER Horsey Mustard, BEER soaked kraut & top with bacon for the full "Not low fat effect "

FORGET - ABOUT- IT - Our spicy ground beef sauce (Chili), raw onion, our spicy mustard, globs of cheese all gently livin' with a layer of sprinkled fresh cooked bacon :  It's Just Art !!! 

SMOKIN' CHEESY DRUNK - Spicy mustard, beer soaked kraut,  cheddar cheese &  bacon 

Vegetarian Hot dogs &  Vegan chicken " Free"  cutlets are Available at an extra charge of $ 1.00 each

(For the little "Barkers" in our lives with fries, a small drink 
and a goody bag)

Naked Hot Dog   
Chicken Fingers
Kiddie Black Angus Burger
Kiddie Black Angus Cheese Burger  



HAWAII  5 -0 Wild Blend of Spices that will make U wonder why you ever ordered "just Fries"

BAY FRIES (Coated with Crab Seasoning)


JAMAICAN JERK  (Coated with Jerk Spices)


MAUI FRIES  (Our Spicy Chili & Globs of Cheese) 


CARDIAC FRIES (Fresh cooked Bacon & Globs of Cheese) 


CHEESY BAY FRIES  (Coated with Crab Seasoning and  Cheese for Dippin')


FORGET-ABOUT-IT FRIES (Our Spicy Chili, Fresh Cooked Bacon and Globs of Cheese Sauce)     
Add a cup of our Mac Daddy homemade dipping sauce
For the BEST fry dipping experience EVER !!!!


Salty Balls - Fresh small potatoes  cooked in a brine of salt and spices and served with drawn  butter  just dip the taters in the butter and it's heavenly.  A Maui original 


Macaroni Salad - Freshly made by Mrs Maui  with only  Hellmans Mayo with a bit of Maui spices and the magic of tuna fish 


Cole Slaw - A creamy cabbage delight

Pickle  - An entire old fashioned deli pickle 

STEWARTS  Root Beer, Diet Root Beer,
Orange & Creme, Vanilla Creme 
RC Cola, Sweet Ice Tea, Lemonade &
Icy Cold Poland Spring Water    


Any flavor of soda with 2 scoops of Ice Cream 

32 ounces of Being a kid again !     

(All Burgers are Double Stacked , Cooked perfectly)


NAKED - Beef on a Bun Condiments upon  request      
CHEESE - Your choice of American or Cheese Wiz       
CARDIAC - A Heart Clogging Creation of Wiz and Freshly Cooked Real Bacon      
BBQ -  A Unique Creation of Sauteed Onions, Bacon and Smokey BBQ Sauce     
DRESSED - Our Signature Creation of Spicy Mustard, Raw Onions and our Chili Sauce 

MAC DADDY - Cheeseburger with Lettuce, Tomato and our famous Mac Daddy Sauce 

JIMBO BURGER - Cheeseburger with Mac Daddy,Hot Pepper Relish, Raw Onions & Bacon  ~ the sloppy yet AWESOME burger 

(VEGETARIAN Chicken " Free"is available at an extra charge of $ 1.00 per item) 

THE BEST - Hand Cut & Breaded Chicken fingers  served w/Fresh Cut Fries & a cup of BBQ or Honey Mustard  for Dippin'      
CHICKEN SOPRANO - Breaded Chicken topped with Sauteed Spinach,Garlic & White Wine, topped with Sharp Provolone cheese  
PHILLY CHICKEN - Breaded chicken topped with Cheese Wiz and real  Bacon ~ Oh what a sandwich"  
CHICKEN KAILANI ( Kay-Lani) - Green peppers and onions sauteed in garlic,olive oil & crushed red peppers on to a breaded chicken cutlet and topped with freshly grated X-tra Sharp provolone cheese 
SWEET CUTLET - Freshly breaded chicken breast on a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and honey mustard
PURE CUTLET - Freshly breaded chicken breast on a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise


SAUSAGE SUPREME - Hot Italian Sausage topped with Sliced Onions & Green Peppers sauteed with garlic, crushed red pepper, olive Oil  and white wine then  gently topped with a layer of X-tra sharp provolone cheese      
SAUSAGE SOPRANO -  Hot Italian Sausage topped with a sauteed creation of  Baby Spinach, Garlic, crushed red peppers white wine and olive oil all topped with a layer of  Provolone Cheese  
SAUSAGE NAKED - Hot Italian Sausage served with chopped raw onions & Maui Mustard   

DRUNK SAUSAGE - Hot Italian Sausage with our Mustard & sauerkraut cooked in beer  


(All Seafood is breaded on Premise, and cooked to order) 


5 Large shrimp served with cole slaw, coctail sauce and our fresh cut fries    


Freshly breaded shrimp, homemade mac daddy sauce and cole slaw on a roll (a true seashore must have)        
A hot dog with breaded shrimp on the bottom,Mac Daddy sauce all topped with cole Slaw

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