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Friday April 12

for our

25th year !!!!!!!

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Maui's Dog House serves up fresh made Hot Dogs with over 29 creative toppings including Homemade Chili, Sauerkraut cooked in beer, a true Italian Dog with Peppers, onions, garlic and Sharp Provolone Cheese and our number one man dog the Forget-About-it with Mustard, onions, chili, cheese and freshly cooked bacon.  We also make our Black Angus burgers by hand, cut and bread our own Chicken Cutlets , Chicken fingers and all the shrimp! We really bread all the food here on premise, cut all the peppers, onions and make the macaroni salad here too ! It's all homemade, except the cole slaw ~ We are busy little beavers before we open to ensure that the quality of food we serve is what we would eat at home. We take alot of pride in the food we serve and the atmosphere in which it is served in.

We have alot of fun here and we hope you do too.  We try our best to make your experience here a memorable one ~ Our goal is to make memories ~ One hot dog at a time.



is what we do and we do it

WELL !!! 


While serving our customers Awesome food  has been our vision and business plan since the day we opened 25 years ago  YES a Quarter of a Century .....on 07/10/1999!


We NEVER had numbers goals... EVER.  We still don't .

We have MEMORY GOALS .. Did we make one, was our service good ?   Did our customers enjoy our FRESH Food ? Did everyone have fun ??  Were they full and happy when they left our little joint ??

That's our GOAL !  

We had one goal when we opened 25 years ago 

" How can we we make memories for families that come to our restaurant goals?"  

FUN while eating our food ! That IS our VISION ! 


We are BEYOND Thankful for the love that our customers show us EVERYDAY !!!  We have awesome customers who have watched our kids grow up , watched us grow older and have seen ALL the best/worst times of our lives !  


Another Phrase that comes to mind is one Liz's Dad ( who passed in 2015) said all the time was " I did Mine".  

Every employee that comes home after a hard day at Maui's can say to themselves " I did MINE "   

We all give 100% !  

Thank you for supporting our small family owned business !  It means the world to us .... and for that you also can leave Maui's after a Great meal and say " I did Mine "  By SUPPORTING our small business ! 

  Liz's Dad is smiling down saying ... I am So proud of what Maui & Liz accomplished - They worked SO  hard   !!!  


Welcome to 

Our business is based on us.  Maui and Liz 

Our goal when we opened in 1999 was to provide a family fun, inexpensive place for families to eat good food . . Have a great time and enjoy A Wildwood Vacation ~ Like everyone should AT LEAST ONCE in their life !

Maui on DDandD Dec 18 2010

Maui on DDandD Dec 18 2010

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